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        FAE意大利LS113PS激光傳感器 帶網絡DP通訊

        產品型號: LS113PS
        品  牌: FAE
        所 在 地: 湖北武漢
        更新日期: 2023-11-14
        FAE意大利LS113PS激光傳感器 帶網絡DP通訊

        General Product Description

        The LS113PS is a laser distance measuring module to determine distances from 0.1 m to 30 m, using natural surfaces,

        or to measure distances up to 150 m with a target reflector. Providing a red laser sighting point, the LS113PS allows you to

        unequivocally mark a particular target. Its effective operating range depends on the reflectance and surface qualities

        of the targets being sighted.

        The module works based on comparative phase measurement. It emits modulated high-frequency light which is diffusely

        reflected back from the target with a certain shift in phase to be compared with a reference signal.

        From the amount of phase shift, a required distance can then be determined with millimeter accuracy.

        A distance measurement cycle can be triggered:

        • via the Profibus

        • from an external trigger source (external trigger mode)

        • via the SSI.

        Special performance features are:

        • Profibus interface

        • Broad range of parameter setting options via Profibus

        • SSI interface

        • Two switching outputs, each with selectable parameter settings

        • External trigger input, with selectable parameter settings

        • Capable of operating at outdoor temperatures from +15°C to +30°C with ±2 mm accuracy

        • Up to 30 m reach for distance measurement, with potential for 150 m reach if additional reflectors are mounted onto the target.

        • Visible laser beam for easier sightingl.

        The LS113PS measuring module is shipped in a rugged cardboard box with adequate padding for safe transportation.

        Conforming Use

        • Measurement of distances and output of measured data to the Profibus.

        • Special measuring functions.

        • Compliance with prescribed temperatures for operation and storage.

        • Operation at correct voltage level.

        • Application of specified signal levels to the appropriate data lines.

        Nonconforming Use

        • Do not operate the LS113PS in any other way than described under “Intended & Conforming Use“ above and only in a proper

        working condition.

        • Safety devices must not be defeated or otherwise rendered ineffective.

        • Information and warning signs must not be removed.

        • Repair work on the LS113PS must not be carried out by anyone other than FAE S.r.l. personnel.

        • Refrain from using the LS113PS in an explosive environment.

        • Measurement with the LS113PS pointed at the sun or other strong lightsources may produce faulty results.

        • Measurement of targets with poor surface reflectance in a strongly reflecting environment may also result in faulty

        measurement values.

        • Measurement of strongly reflecting surfaces may deliver faulty results.

        • Measurement performed through transparent optical media, for example, glass, optical filters, plexiglass, etc. may equally

        produce incorrect results.

        • Rapidly changing measuring conditions are likely to falsify the result of measurement.

        LS113PS意大利激光傳感器 帶網絡DP通訊 激光測距儀

        LS113PS意大利激光傳感器 帶網絡DP通訊 激光測距儀

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